Pet Sitting Rules and Rates

In our home care- $20/ night, May be an additional cost for additional dogs depending on how many and their exercise level. (No more than $5-$10 for an additional dog.)

In your home drop in visits- $10-$15 a visit, depending on location and how many pets. (Approximately 30 minute visit)  *Only certain locations available at this time 

Rules for in “our” home care:

-Must be friendly and non-aggressive

-Must be up to date on vaccinations and on flea/tick medication

-Must get along with other dogs AND cats

-Must be housebroken and potty trained or potty pad trained

-Must not be able to jump or climb a 4 foot fence

-We are taking these dogs into our home so if they have any destructive behavior, please let us know in advance!  

Things to bring for your pet:

Food bowl and food



If you bring bedding, it must be washable